A high-end solar water heater resulting from German technology ETC we manufacture, combined with our pioneered heat exchange system.

Proven to last more than 15 years, SOLARELA water heater system offers outstanding performance more efficient than conventional flat plate system or other solar tube water heater systems.

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The Pioneer.

Since 2003, we’ve been reliably in service for over a decade now.

We’ve mastered and perfected the art of solar water heat exchange system allowing you to benefit more from solar water heaters.

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Home Use.

Solarela water heater system is fast becoming a popular choice in residential areas.

Now you can enjoy your hot shower without worrying much about your bills. Use it for any of your other domestic use.

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Solarela, linked together making a solar central heating project, allows low cost hot water generation for your customers’ consumption, hotel swimming pools and others.

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Get a charge out of efficient production with less assembly payoffs. SOLARELA water heater systems installed in your production only boils down to higher gains, nothing less.

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Quality… our soul, innovation… our source.

Solarela Ultra-strong Materials

Superior Materials

For the outer tank casing, we only use top-quality stainless steel with strong corrosion-resistance. For the inner tank casing, we utilize imported SUS304 stainless steel welding for shaping. Erosion-proof, long life, non-pollution to the water, clean and hygienic.

Solarela Thick Insulation

Ultra-strong Insulation

We employ imported polyurethane high density integral foaming, 40-50 kg/m3, 55mm super thick insulation layer, providing extreme protection against any heat loss inside the tank. The result, water remains hot that could last for three (3) days.

Your hot water is our concern.

Proven to be the best in its class, there can be no alternative when it comes to solar water heater system. Go for the pioneer.

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